Tracer CN series

Tracer-CN series adopts common negative design and advanced MPPT control algorithm, and introduces original dry contact design to achieve the switch of external equipment. The integration design not only replaces traditional electrical design using external relay, what is more can achieve multiple control modes and working modes, it can be widely used in household system, field monitoring and communication station etc.

  Product Product code Price  
TRACER2210CN MPPT 20A SOLAR CONTROLLER EPEVER Tracer2210CN MPPT 20A 12V 24V Solar Charge Controller With Max PV input 100V for Solar System

CODE: Tracer2210CN

TRACER3210CN MPPT 30A SOLAR CONTROLLER EPEVER EPsolar MPPT Tracer30A 12V 24V Solar Controller Max100V Input Solar Panel Regulator TRACER3210CN


Remote Temeperature Sensor TS-R RTS300R47K3.81A Remote Temeperature Sensor TS-R RTS300R47K3.81A for EPsolar Tracer**AN/BN/CN series Solar Charge Controller